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News From Widenet

09/01/2024:  A New Owner - A New Era

During the course of 2023, Nigel & his wife moved away from the area to be nearer family, and whilst still working for the company that he started back in 1999, Nigel began an ownership handover process to his colleague Aaron.

During 2024 this process will continue, with Aaron becoming the new owner and managing director of Widenet.


However, Nigel will still continue to support his colleagues in a financial and administrative role, working remotely from his new home (Chippenham) and travelling down to the office from time to time.


If you ring the office number then you will still often find that it is Nigel answering the phone, dealing with enquiries and booking appointments.


With the benefit of technology we hope to continue to provide the friendly and personal service that we have always aimed to acheive, and we look forward to hearing from you when you need us.

19/07/2021:  Widenet Sign Removed from the Front of Crown House.

Unfortunately owing to a complaint made by persons unknown to Test Valley Borough Council in late 2019, we (along with others) were required to take down our sign from the front of the building.


Whilst the complaint was not about us, it transpires that planning consent for signage had never been applied for by the owners and despite the fact that various businesses had been operating from these premises (without any issues being raised) for years, everyone was technically in breach of the regulations!


Despite requests for an interim agreement to be reached whilst the matter is resolved, TVBC have taken a hard line approach and it maybe some time before the wheels of progress have turned sufficiently, for more 'appropriate signs' to be put in place.

As of the date of this post our landlord is still negotiating/investigating options with TVBC in order to get 'compliant signage' agreed and put in place.

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