News From Widenet

Coronavirus Updates - Please Take Time to Read All of The Information Provided Below.

12/06/2020: We are Open and Can Accept Customers Into Our Premises

As restriction ease, we remain committed to providing customers with the excellent service that we have become known for over the years and we are now at the point where we are able to once again allow customers access to our premises.

Taking into consideration some of the information given in the updates below, (much of which is still valid at this time) we can now allow one person at a time, limited access to the workshop, providing that they comply with the Covid-19 secure measures now in place.

We have completed the required Government risk assessment and have made changes to our operating procedures, in order to promote both a safe working environment for our staff and also a managed access plan for our clients.

If you are intending to visit our workshop please contact us by telephone first, in order to be allocated a time slot for delivery/collection of equipment. Please do not come to the workshop if you or anyone you have had recent contact with, have or have shown any symptoms as detailed within the NHS/Government's Covid-19 Guidelines.


Out staff will be happy to advise you as to the procedures now in place and we would remind all customers, to observe the current social distancing guidelines both within and outside our premises.

06/04/2020: We are Open and Our Self Distancing Measures are Working

We are pleased to say that the measures we have put in place are working and that as things stand, we are able to continue offering workshop repairs, collection/delivery services and remote access options to our customers.

Please read all of the information contained in the updates given below, as they describe the procedures that are in place to protect both our customers and our staff.

We are operating a policy whereby we only have one member of the team operating from the office at any given time, so please be patient when calling and do leave a message for us if we are unable to answer the phone - we will get back to you.

23/03/2020: Collection/Delivery Options

As detailed below, only pre-booked onsite visits can now be completed and from 17:00 on Tuesday 24/03/2020, no new home appointments can be arranged until further notice.


However, we recognise that computers still go wrong and that some of our customers may not be able to drop-off their equipment to us as detailed below, especially if they are in a vulnerable group or are self-isolating.

We are therefore able to offer a collection/delivery service and for those clients that would like to take advantage of it, details of how the service will operate can be discussed with you when booking the job.

As a guide, many of the distancing measures that apply to our workshop collection/drop-off procedures will apply.

23/03/2020: Onsite Visits / Remote Support

Any on-site visits already booked and due to take place before 17:00 on Tuesday 24/03/2020 can still be completed, but after that we will not be able to offer new on-site appointments until Government advice allows us to do so.


If you have a vist already arranged, have no symptoms of the Coronavirus and would still like us to attend, then we will be happy to do so. However please maintain an appropriate distance from our engineer and sanitise your equipment before and after the visit.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to offer our customers remote support and whilst this may not be appropriate for some work, including system clean-ups or cases where machines are very slow, have become corrupted or need to be looked at in our workshop, it is another tool that we have at our disposal.

Our staff will be able to discuss the options available - any remote work carried out will be charged at our normal workshop rate and rounded up or down to the nearest whole 15 minutes of the time that has been spent looking at the problem.

23/03/2020: Visitors to Our Workshop

Coronavirus is affecting all of us and here at Widenet we are doing our best to protect both you and us!

From Monday 23rd March 2020 we will be operating a strict distancing policy, whereby no customer will be allowed into the offices or workshop (ammended 12/06/2020) and procedures have been put in place to ensure that we can safely receive jobs in and then arrange collection, when work has been completed.

1. Generally customers will ring us before arriving and the job will be booked in over the telephone with a specific time slot allocated for drop-off.

2. Prior to bringing your equipment to us, please make every effort to sanitise it (don't use sanitisers on screens - a damp cloth will be sufficient).

3. On arrival, please knock on our door and stand back as per the recent government guidelines on social distancing.

4. We will then open the door and place a plastic crate outside, into which you can place your items (PC's need not be placed in the boxes) before standing back.

5. The item will then be taken into the workshop - please do not leave items unattended.

6. Once the work has been completed we will ring you.

7. We will advise you of the status of the job, the work completed and take a card payment at that point (your card receipt will be attached to your device).

8. A collection appointment will then be organised, with similiar procedures to those already described above being applied.

We appreciate that these procedures may cause some delays or inconvienience but ask that you work with us to protect us all during these difficult times.

06/01/2020: Widenet Sign Removed from Front of Crown House.

We are still here but unfortunately owing to a complaint made by persons unknown to Test Valley Borough Council, we (along with others) have had to take down our sign from the front of the building.


Whilst the complaint was not about us, it transpires that planning consent for signage has never been applied for by the owners and despite there having been various businesses operating from these premises (without any issues being raised) for years, everyone is technically in breach of the regulations!


Despite pleas from all of us, for an interim agreement to be reached whilst the matter is resolved, Test Valley have taken a hard line approach and it maybe some time before the wheels of progress have turned enough, for more 'appropriate signs' to be put in place.