We regularly get customers contacting us to report that the computer they purchased 'years ago' has become very slow and almost unusable. Sometimes in desperation and on advice from a friend or even their telephone/broadband provider, they have run their system install disk or started the system recovery process and wiped their machine clean.

The problem here is that whilst on occasion what is termed a format/reload is necessary in order to resolve system problems, it does wipe everything off of the hard drive, including all the saved documents such as letters, photographs and programs.

Unless you have taken back ups of your data, wiping the drive could mean that everything on there is lost for good and for many people whose lives are becoming more and more 'digital' in terms of documents, photos and other essential information, this can be a disaster.


The reason systems become slow are varied but more often than not, it is simply the result of an accumulation of temporary/junk files, redundant registry items and memory sapping software. Of course malware and spyware intrusions can also severely affect your computers performance as well and with the activity of malicious hackers / bogus scammers on the increase, we are seeing more and more people affected.


​In addition, as each item of software updates (especially some internet security applications) the amount of disk space or memory required to run it gets more demanding and can end up making the system work much harder than it is capable of. There are good and bad utilities available on the internet that promise to ‘speed up your PC’ but many are in fact riddled with malware and end up causing more problems than they are worth!

In over 90% of the cases that come into our workshop, we are able to carry out a clean up of the computer that the ordinary system tools fall short of and now with with the newer and faster SSD (solid state disk) drives much more affordable, a system clean-up and clone of the hard drive to the faster type of disk, can make a tremendous difference to the performance of the machine.

By removing memory hungry software and replacing it with leaner alternatives (often free) it is possible to ease the burden on

your system even further and there are other useful tips and measures that can make a real difference to how your computer runs.

So if you are getting frustrated with how your PC or laptop is performing, just remember that from time to time we all need a bit of looking after or an energy boost - just because your computer is running slowly, doesn't always mean that it has to be replaced.

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