U3A Web

The University of the Third Age is an international movement whose aims are the education and stimulation of mainly retired members of the community – those in their third ‘age’ of life and is more commonly referred to as the U3A.

There are many U3A groups all over the world and by June 2016 there were just under a thousand local U3A’s located all across the United Kingdom, providing many and varied opportunities for the learning, enjoyment and fun of their members.

Like any organisation or society, managing a members database, organising meetings, groups and events can be a major undertaking and that is where the U3A Web online management system comes into its own!

The online system assists the Membership Secretary by maintaining a database of both existing and new members, dispatching renewal notices, monitoring renewal payments and sending out reminders to it’s members where appropriate.

It helps Group Co-ordinators create and manage their respective group details, keep members up to date with event planning and allows individual members the opportunity to apply to join a group online.

Where there is a cost involved, the portal allows the co-ordinator to take credit card payments or record manual payments for a particular event, therefore taking a lot of the effort out of keeping on top of their responsibilities.

It provides the Treasurer with a control system to record payments made by members for renewal fees and interest group charges, whilst allowing the Committee to easily communicate with their members by sending out emails to the complete U3A membership, smaller groups or even an individual.

Widenet Computer Services are now pleased to be a part of the team that support the implementation and training services for U3A Web and are looking forward to a continuing involvement with the project, as it seeks to enhance the management of this valuable resource of knowledge and learning in our society.


Are you involved in running your local U3A Click Here  and learn how the web portal management system can help you!