Data Recovery

Whilst computer hardware can be replaced, losing all of your important files can be heart-breaking and for business users may even threaten their livelihood.  Read the related article.

That’s why its so important to have more than one good backup of your data and is probably one of the most common issues we get asked to help with when hardware fails. 

Together with the staff at ‘DataWreck Limited‘, we are able to offer you the best chance of getting your data back again, quickly and at a very reasonable cost.


Should your hard disk drive have physically failed in such a way that we are not able to recover your files by conventional means, we can then send the drive away to the team at ‘DataWreck‘ for their own specialist diagnosis and recovery. 

The disk will be disassembled in their ‘clean room’ environment and they will perform a detailed and painstaking data analysis/recovery procedure on the individual ‘data platters’ within the drive itself. This takes time but offers the best chance of being able to extract data from the drive in a readable format.

Once they have carried out their diagnosis, they will report back to us in order to advise us on the nature of any data that can realistically be recovered, the costs involved and the time scale within which we can organise getting your data back to where it belongs – with you!


 Whatever your data needs – call us on 01794 521100