Business Support

Internet connection and local network communication background

Being in business and keeping it running smoothly is difficult enough and when things go wrong you need to know you can rely on someone to help get you going again with the minimum of disruption.

At Widenet Computer Services we will always do our best to respond quickly and efficiently to any network or computer problems that you might have and restore your system to full working order.

From our offices in Romsey our primary focus is on supporting SOHO (small office/home office) and business customers running non server based ‘peer to peer’ network set-ups.


In addition to the low cost ad-hoc support that we provide for our business owners in the Romsey and Southampton area, we also support a few slightly larger multi-user organisations such as charities who require support for their remote workers and local office networks.

In October 2012 we signed a partnership agreement with Vermont Systems Ltd in Southampton, who specialise in providing managed support solutions for corporate organisations running multi-site server based networks.

Our existing portfolio of larger corporate companies running this type of network infrastructure was transferred over to the team at Vermont, with some of our own business support staff joining the new company in order to carry on with their work supporting these organisations. 


Are you running a business or in charge of your company’s I.T – Then why not give us a call?


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